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     Listen To Stories About Elvis That You Have Never Heard

Songwriter Louise Shields wrote her first song when she was just 9 years old.

Louise was one of Elvis Presley's oldest and closest friends. She practically grew up with Elvis and was a lifelong friend. She spent alot of time at Graceland and was very close to Elvis until his tragic passing.

Listen to this show and you will hear some incredible stories that you have never heard before about her fun times with Mr. Presley.  You will hear about "The Real Elvis".

 Louise also tells stories about Elvis and Jerry Lee Lewis.

Elvis used to give Louise Teddy Bears. Listen to how one of those bears wound up in my hands and what I had to do to get it.

Ms. Shields also tells how she contacted me to record songs from "The Elvis Files", including the song "But We Do", and the inspiration behind these incredible songs.

The song that I recorded for her "But We Do" was her mother's favorite song and my recording of this song was played at her mother's funeral.

When Louise passed away, I was honored to learn that "But We Do" was requested by her to be played for her at her funeral.

Louise was an a very close friend and is deeply missed.




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